Tony Lerman

SINCE our last issue, THE JEWISH QUARTERLY has had more words written and spoken about it than could possibly have been anticipated, Amidst a pot-pourri of truth and invention, only a handful saw fit to pay tribute to Tony Lerman for the tremendous contribution that he has made to THE JEWISH QUARTERLY during the last year. In the frantic rush to discover the story behind the story, no one felt the need to mention that the QUARTERLY has doubled its number of subscribers or that it is selling in large numbers in scores of bookshops and newsagents in North London.

Tony’s central achievement has been to construct an infrastructure for the periodical and to cement it with talented personnel. It has certainly made the process of transfer smoother and easier. Tony has borne the events of the last few months with resilience and good humour. All of us were proud to have worked with him as Editor and are delighted that he will continue to contribute as Books Editor. Lastly, we congratulate him on his appointment as Editor of Patterns of Prejudice.

Jewish Quarterly Autumn 1985

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