Boris Tsitlionok

To the English courtroom, he was Victor Ben-Ari. To the judge, the charge was a simple case of obstruction. To the audience, he be another foreigner making a nuisance of himself. The pedestrians of the Bayswater Road knew better. They had seen a small mustachioed klbbutznik starve himself for over a week near the Soviet … Read more

The Belgrade Conference

The formal opening takes place in Belgrade next week of the follow-up conference of those states which signed the Helsinki in the summer of 1975. The agreement, officially titled “The Final Act of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe”, was designed to represent the west’s formal recognition of the ideological division of Europe … Read more

The Lost Jews of Ilyinka

Soviet Jewry, like the Soviet Union itself, is not ,simply one unit, but a collection of communities within Judaism. Best known are the Ashkenazim who live on the western borders, to where a large proportion of Anglo-Jewry traces its origin. The Republic of Georgia, on the other hand is the home of a fiercely independent … Read more

Moscow preparing for mass trials?

Activists in Moscow believe that a mass show trial of Helsinki watchdog committee activists might soon take place if the hard-line policy of the Kremlin against its critics continues. Such a trial could follow the pattern of the notorious Moscow show trials of the 1930s. The news that Professors Benjamin Fain and Mark Azbel have … Read more

No Jail for Thought

NO JAIL FOR THOUGHT, by Lev Kopelev. 268 pages. (Seeker and Warburg) £6. Lev Kopelev is best known in the west not so much for his own writing but for his friendship in the camps with Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It was Kopelev on whom the great author based the character of the idealistic Jewish Communist Rubin … Read more

Moles in the Movement

There have been ominous developments in the case of Anatoly Shcharansky, the arrested Jewish leader and human rights activist. Among Moscow Jews who have been taken for interrogation to Lefortovo prison, where Shcharansky is being held, is Professor Benjamin Fain, who was asked for details of Shcharansky’s work within the Jewish movement. The line of questioning … Read more