Yuli Tartakovsky on the run

Yuli Tartakovsky , a 27 year old Kiev engineer who had applied to leave the Soviet Union for Israel, may now be conscripted to the Red Army although he was previously exempted on the express orders of Soviet Defence Minister Marshal Grecho. the officer who had originally informed Tartakovsky of the exemption told his mother … Read more

The Gulag Archipelago I

  THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO 1918 – 1956. by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. 660 pages. (Collins & Havill Press). £3. A leading dissident authoress, Lydia Chukovskaya, was recently expelled from the Soviet writers’ union. At the end of a two-hour meeting to condemn her works, she was allowed to speak and told the literary bureaucrats that Russian literature … Read more

Nixon in Moscow II

As President Nixon left the Soviet Union last week, many of the Jews arrested for the duration of his visit released from prison. They had held at Spulthovka, some 93 miles south of Moscow, far from Nixon’s itinerary. Among those released in the initial batch were Vladimir Slepak and the organisers of the abortive international … Read more

Nixon in Moscow I

President Nixon’s visit to the Soviet Union has been proceeded by unprecedented preventive measures to silence and control active Jews who wish to emigrate to Israel. The KGB fears apparently that Jewish activists should be controlled during the presence of the many foreign journalists who are covering the Nixon visit. nearly 50 people have been … Read more

Jewish Scientists and Secrets

The KGB is going all out to disrupt an international seminar organised by Jewish scientists in Moscow. Last week, well-known scientists, including Grigory Rosenshtein and Victor Brailovsky, received army call up papers. This would remove them from Moscow during the first week of July, when the seminar is due to take place. It could also … Read more

A Bid for Freedom

On June 15, a group of criminals, trying to seize a scheduled airplane were arrested at Smolny Airport. Investigations are in progress. It is almost four years since this small and at the time somewhat insignificant Item appeared in Vecherny Leningrad. Since then, the so-called “group of          criminals” have become the martyred heroes of the … Read more

The Release of the Panovs

If Valery and Galina Panov arrive in Vienna today as scheduled, it will be the greatest day of their lives for them and for at least six London women. In early 1972, three avid theatre-goers, Pam Manson, Rosemary Winkeley and Joan Dale met and decided that someone, somewhere must do something for the well-known stars … Read more