The Soviet Union and the Jewish Question 1969

  A Nation or Not? The theoretical basis of the Marxist attitude to the Jewish Question lies in J.V. Stalin’s classical work, “Marxism and the National Question”, first ‘published in 1913. Stalin defined a nation as a “historically constituted stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common -language, territory, economic life and … Read more

Anti-Semitism in the USSR

In the third letter of her series (Tribune July 18), K. Y. Rintoul has attempted to create a ‘Zionist’ smokescreen in order to obscure the very real problem of soviet anti-Semitism. She implies that anti-Semitism has existed only since ‘American-trained General Dayan launched a six day war against the Arab countries’. This, as she should … Read more

On Soviet anti-Semitism

K. Y. Rintoul (Tribune May 30) blindly defends anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union within the guise of the formation of a ‘non-deistic humanist society’. Certain facts seems to conflict with the tolerant doctrine of humanism. Since 1956 nearly 80% of all synagogues in the Soviet Union have been closed down, usually following an intensive press … Read more