The Gulag Archipelago II

THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO, Volume II, by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 712 pages (Collins and Harvill Press). £4.95. This is an agonising heavy book to read which leaves the reader cold and empty inside. The great pen of Alexander Solzhenitsyn paints a picture of a different planet, a strange world of ragged “zeks” (camp slang for prisoners) their … Read more

Legal Rights in the USSR

TO DEFEND THESE RIGHTS: HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE SOVIET UNION. By Valery Chalidze, translated by Guy Daniels 340pp (Collins and Harvill) 4 pounds   Valery Chalidze was a founder member of the Soviet Human Rights Committee together with the Nobel Prize winner, Andrei Sakharov. Chalidze was the legal expert of the group. His political weapons … Read more

The Serbsky Institute

An elderly Jewish woman ‘rom Leningrad has been committed to a closed psychiatric hospital for an indefinite period. The woman, 63-year-old Meita Leibovna Leikina, was accused of dealing with contraband and concealing crimes against the state. Her “crime” was that she sent violin to her daughter Anna 1n Israel via a friend. She wrote a … Read more

New approach to Soviet Jewry work needed

The call for the establishment of a national Conference on Soviet Jewry would be a welcome development in    co-ordinating future activities and would satisfy many of the complaints now being made. Until a few months ago, there were four definable groups within the campaign. The “old guard” centred very much on the Board’s Soviet Jewry … Read more

Purim Arrests in Moscow

Despite the fact that eight Moscow activists were arrested on Monday following a demonstration, Soviet Jews bravely and defiantly went ahead with their celebrations of the Festival of Purim. Some went to the Moscow Central Synagogue for the traditional reading of the story of Esther while others met in private homes. The most poignant gathering … Read more