The Heirs of Ferdinand and Isabella

Five hundred years ago, the Jews of Catholic Spain were expelled from their homeland by the practitioners of a religious fanaticism who believed that they had God on their side. The talents and contributions of minorities, whether Jewish or Muslim, were unwanted in a religiously pure Iberia. Those Jews who did not prostrate themselves before the priests of Ferdinand and Isabella left to seek new … Read more

Labour Politics through Jewish Eyes

    An Interview with Gerald Kaufman MP 5 August 1992   CS: I believe that you apologized to your constituents shortly after Labour’s defeat in the 1992 elections for not being in a position to do more to help eradicate their poverty. GK: I didn’t apologize. What I said was that those of my constituents who were in a … Read more

On Barry Shenker

Barry Shenker: For Judaism and Justice THE sorrow at Barry Shenker’s unexpected death, at the age of 48, showed in the eyes of everybody silently standing at the grave-3ide. They included Jews, Christians and Muslims, secular and religious, ideological opponents and political friends, Israelis and Palestinians. It was a testimony to Barry’s ability to tanscend … Read more

Scaling Old Heights

A month after the Labour party’s victory in the June elections in Israel, the then US Secretary of State, James Baker, brushed aside a document submitted by a Palestinian delegation and abruptly told them: “Take what Israel is offering now. Build on it. Don’t waste the opportunity!” This is, perhaps the major psychological hurdle that … Read more

Bosnia Burns

MAGGIE O’KANE’s report (Guardian July 29) describing Muslim women and children incarcerated for five days in cattle-train wagons at the end of which time seven children, two mothers, and two old women were found dead, is too near the experience of our Jewish brethren under the Nazis for us to remain silent. The implementation of … Read more

A Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue

A reception at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies in May launched the Council of Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue. The new group grew out of a plethora of dialogue groups which have emerged during the last few years following the PLO’s movement towards a political solution based on a two-state formula. Yet even before these … Read more