Left turns Permitted

Lord Jakobovits in Conversation by Michael Shashar. London, Vallentine Mitchell, 202 pages. £19.50Michael Shashar completed the last of his interviews with the former Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of Great Britain shortly before Immanuel Jakobovits died a year ago. In one sense this book of conversations paints an autobiographical landscape, but it is … Read more

Rav Sacks – Digitally Remastered Ba’al Mussar

Celebrating Life: Finding Happiness in Unexpected Places by Jonathan Sacks. London, Harper Collins. 192 pages. £ 8.99In encounters with the late Oxford don, Sir Isaiah Berlin, the British Chief Rabbi, Dr. Jonathan Sacks was regularly rebuffed with comments such as “When it comes to God, I’m tone deaf.” Berlin’s counter-attack was to question how Sacks, … Read more

An Anti-Jewish Bias?

Norman Finkelstein argues in extracts from his forthcoming book (G2, July 12 and 13) that Holocaust remembrance has become an exploitative industry used to justify Israel’s policies and that the campaign by Jewish survivors for compensation for assets lost under Nazi occupation and slave labour is directed by gold diggers. More disturbing is the Guardian’s … Read more

Fanning the Flames

  Shlomo Ben-Ami sounded exasperated. “We are a society living at a high decibel level without a moment of rest,” Israel’s Internal Security Minister said in a newspaper interview last week. What Israel needed from its leaders were the kind of “fireside chats” President Roosevelt used to give to Americans. But instead of calming influences, … Read more

Likud and the Christian Dispensationalists: A Symbiotic Relationship

Colin Shindler Likud and the Christian Dispensationalists: A Symbiotic Relationship THE AMERICANIZATION OF ISRAELI POLITICS IN THE 1990S ISRAEL HAS, OF COURSE, CHANGED dramatically since 1967. The publication of the 1999 report of the Human Development Index by the United Nations indicated that Israel occupied 32nd position of 174 countries surveyed, ahead of Hong Kong, … Read more

Meir Kahane

Kahane, Meir 1932-1990 American-born Israeli vigilante and political activist   Cohen-Almagor, Raphael, The Boundaries of Liberty and Tolerance: The Struggle against Kahanism in Israel, Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1994 Dolgin, Janet L., Jewish Identity and the JDL, Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1977 Friedman, Robert I., The False Prophet: Rabbi .Meir Kahane, from … Read more